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Lyon Method of Physiotherapy in 10 minutes


The Lyon method is the oldest of the PSSE. It is the first to combine exercises and braces

It was Nicolas Andry, born in Lyon, who created the word "Orthopedics"

Charles Gabriel Pravaz, the creator of the Lyon method was also an engineer. He is the inventor of the syringe.

A hundred years ago the Schroth was born in Germany.

As a patient Katharina Schroth has another more intuitive approach to the exercises, especially since she had been very disappointed by the braces of that time in Germany.

In Europe, the diffusion of techniques intensified after the 2nd World War, study groups were formed and the 2 historical methods were constantly improved. Evidence-based medicine is gradually proving the effectiveness of these methods.

The Schroth method is taught in English, which allows it to spread internationally. It improves by incorporating the Chêneau brace into the exercises.

The use of CAD / CAM systems improves braces and in 2013 the ARTbrace avoids plaster cast. Since 2008, international teaching of Schroth has been carried out by 3 teams.

Poland is one of the most active countries in Europe with several large scoliosis treatment teams

PSSE methods have a majority of common points. Their knowledge allows the therapist to choose the most effective exercise for his patient

The original concepts of the Lyon method are:

1. Chaos and linearity (vivious circle)
2. Tensegrity and plastic deformation of soft tissue
3. ASASIL (du Peloux 1960) Opening of the ilio-lumbar angle
4. Controlled asymmetry to maintain the composite beam
5. 3D by regional coupled movements: Sagittal -> Frontal
6. 3D + Global untwisting by translation along the vertical axis between two fixed belts
7. Stimulation of the extra-pyramidal system (sarcopenia only occurs in adulthood)
8. Strengthening of bone mass (which doubles between 14 and 21 years in girls)
9. Perfect integration of sports activity

Stimulation of the extra-pyramidal system

3D by regional coupled movements: Sagittal -> Frontal

Tensegrity and plastic deformation of soft tissue

The integration of new technologies: digitizer, EOS radiology, new materials with very high rigidity allow corrections never obtained to date.

The advantages of new technologies are obvious and are gradually spreading.

The results are clearly progressing and justify the investment in new technologies.

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