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 Introduction and Objectives

As the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) comes into force, we are taking this opportunity to give you some information on this Website..

We do not collect any personal data on this website and we do not use coockies. The information presented is usually extracted from trainings in Orthopedic Medicine.
All statistical data are extracted from a prospective database declared to the CNIL (French Commission Nationale Informatique et Liberté). All patients provided written consent for the scintific use of these data at the start of treatment.
The database belongs to the European Vertebral Deviations Center and located on a specific server not connected to the Internet.

The goal is to provide a free scientific support on the Lyon Method to all those who are concerned with Conservative Orthopedic Treatment of vertebral deviations and especially the participants in the training.

Basic Information

Who we are

The European Vertebral Deviations Center is located at the Clinique du Parc 155 Bd Stalingrad 69006 LYON (France)

Data Controller

Each physician and paramedic is responsible for the data he collects according to the indications of the Council of each respective College.

Collected Data

The website is hosted on the platform "" The only data collected are automatically collected by and used only for statistical purposes to interpret the traffic of the website.

Modify and Remove Information

If despite our vigilance, you feel that some information is wrong, do not hesitate by informing us by mail.


Only the webmaster has access to the handling of the website and all the videos are stored on the VIMEO professional website which has all the necessary security.

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