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The Lyon method is the oldest PSSE (Physiotherapy Scoliosis Specific Exercises).
This course will provide delegates with the knowledge, skill and technique required to identify current challenges and take the kind of action which will significantly improve operational effectiveness and drive business success.


Pre Course Contact

Delegates are contacted before attending the course to discuss specific development needs, identify training objectives and agree appropriate content areas for the training course.


Before participating in the training: a little reminder of the anatomical and physiological bases of the Lyon method


1. Description and concept for 2-days training – Lyon Method course

  •  Based upon common physiotherapeutic principles the Lyon Method was founded by Charles Gabriel Pravaz in 1827 and continuously refined through the experience of Lyon Scoliosis Centres such as the Centre des Massues”. “Centre” means the patient is in the centre and all the specialists: MD, PT, CPO are around.

  •  The use of postural exercises for scoliosis therapy is grounded in scientific principles like chaos theory and tensegrity concept that relate directly to spinal deformity. Culture is a fundamental element of the Lyon method which combines mechanical and postural neuro-motor correction. Verticality of homo sapiens, chaos theory, tensegrity, coupled movements of the spine give meaning to the pathology and its treatment.

  •  Individualized exercise program combining corrective behavioural patterns with physiotherapeutic methods. The Lyon Method is based on stimulation and reprogramming of the postural extra pyramidal system and biomechanical principles. Its goals are to facilitate correction of the asymmetric trunk and posture. Patients are trained to consciously maintain the corrected posture increasingly more in daily living activities.

  •  The extrapyramidal system is a part of the motor system network causing involuntary actions. The tecto-spinal tract is stimulated by the use of the mirror (awareness). The reticulo-spinal tract manages the trunk posture. The sensors are located at the posterior arch of the vertebral bodies. Massages and mobilization stimulate sensors sensitive to stretching. The vestibulo-spinal tract manages proprioception. As early as Charles Pravaz, the patient's feet were placed on a tilting tray called "swing". The rubro-spinal tract manages automatic global movements. This is why the exercises must be repeated every day at home.

  •  The corrective movement is based on the coupled law of motion. The derotation is the result of a correction in the sagittal plane with restoration of an isokinetic balance and a secondary correction in the frontal plane in "shift" at the lumbar level (translation) and in "bending" at the thoracic level (frontal flexion)

  •  Braces, if indicated and prescribed, are included in the therapeutic process helping patients to accept this useful therapeutic tool and use it also as therapeutic equipment to improve the quality of exercises, especially for the home exercise program.

In the 2-days - training we will enlighten various scoliosis specific theoretical aspects in combination with functional parts of the therapeutic approach.
The course leads from the surface of scoliosis understanding to a more sophisticated and comprehensive clinical reasoning regarding the conservative management of scoliosis.

2. Goals and Summary

The Lyon method training enables MD, PT & CPO to provide a sufficient conservative treatment for patients with spinal deviations mainly for idiopathic scoliosis, kyphosis and spondylolisthesis.
The goal is to prevent surgery, decelerate or stop the progression and develop effective coping strategies for the patients to improve their social participation and activities in their daily living. The most recent correction techniques can improve by 30% on average, the angulation of scoliosis at the end of treatment.



This has also a positive effect on the general HQL (health related quality of life) for children, adults and elderly patients suffering from scoliosis and kyphosis.
The training enables to understand the biomechanical conditions of the asymmetric postural aspects and asymmetric loading of the spine leading to functional and structural adaptations and a further risk of progression.
PSSE is also indicated for patients in a brace and patients reported for surgery or after surgery.
MD, PT & CPO learn to define their role as team players in an interdisciplinary network of physicians, surgeons, orthopaedic technicians (orthotists), parents, patients, psychologists.

  1. Bipedalism & Verticality of homo sapiens: Scoliosis is a consequence of verticality

  2. Biomechanics of the spine: tensegrity concept, the spiral line, scoliosis vicious circle, kyphosis and deep front line, spondylolisthesis

  3. Spondylolisthesis: lombo-pelvic parameters, sitting position, conservative treatment and sport

  4. Kyphosis: history and psychological status, assessment, classification, Scheuermann, conservative treatment

  5. 3D nature of AIS: Anatomical & functional planes, coupled movements

  6. Etiopathogenetic & chaos theory: Genetics, melatonin, chaos & linearity

  7. Scoliosis on a lifespan: from Early Onset Scoliosis to Pisa syndrome

  8. The Lyon method of physiotherapy: History, 12 basic exercises, Dynamic beam, examples of typical sessions, breathing, sport activity

  9. Lyon brace & new ARTbrace: History, CAD/CAM, bracing biomechanics, Very high rigidity of Europlex’O, digital transformation, Results

  10.  Adult scoliosis: Risser 5 bracing management, AIS natural history, de novo scoliosis, Physiotherapy & Corrective bracing

3. Eligibility to attend the 2.5 days training course

Lyon Method historically is a physical therapy and bracing management, and therefore the certification courses will be offered exclusively to PT and therapists working in the same function, MD & Orthotists working in the field of scoliosis.

SOSORT Guidelines
SOSORT (The International Society of Orthopaedic Scoliosis Rehabilitation and Treatment) formed in 2004, with the key members of the leading European clinics as founding members. Since then, Lyon method has always been intimately involved in and follows the consensus recommendations of SOSORT. The 2016 SOSORT consensus on treatment guidelines for conservative scoliosis treatment define the leading members of the multidisciplinary team as MD, orthotist, and physical therapist. The exercise methods being carried out under SOSORT treatment guidelines referred to “Physiotherapy Scoliosis Specific Exercises” (PSSE), which is inclusive of the Lyon Method.

4. e-learning & 2.5 days Training Course

E-learning programs are recommended, but not essential for residential 2-days training.
Many elements used in other methods can also be integrated into the Lyon method according to skills and knowledge. The knowledge of the Lyon method allows from the basic ingredients to "bring up the mayonnaise".
The presentation of the deviations of the spine, the basic exercises, the realization of the braces constitute the core of the 2 – days program.
Since 10 years all treatments are evaluated with EOS 3D, which allowed to better specify the technology, especially in the sagittal and horizontal plane. The measurement of the lombo-pelvic parameters allows the achievement of a personalized isokinetic balance for each patient.
Participants learn to adapt the physiological progression of the exercises during the session and throughout the treatment. This progression takes into account multiple factors such as the flexibility of the spine, the usual posture and the practice of a sporting activity. We do not treat an X-ray, but a patient.

5. Ethics and Certification process

The certification 2 .5  days training Lyon Method authorizes for practice of physiotherapy according to the concept of Lyon Method but does not permit to teach other professionals the method (which requires coaching).


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